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Hippies 4 Life
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Hippies 4 Life's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
3:25 pm
You think you are hippies...
...but what makes you think so?
Saturday, December 29th, 2007
6:12 pm
Yo hippies!!!
You fuckin hippies! I am a hippie too, yo hear me? I'm from Ukrane, you goddamned scumbags!!! And I! Am! A! Hippie! You dig?!! Shit, I'm so motherfucking wasted...
Alcohol is evil, you hear me you fucked up junkies?! Don't drink this shit! No way! Smoke anything you can: weed, mushrooms, opium - BUT DON'T DRINK IT! Happy fucking New Year, assholes!
Monday, March 20th, 2006
11:35 pm
All we are saying is give PEACE a chance
Yep that is the call to all us Hippies........I got great stories you got great stories. Let's review!
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